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Fiverr Sellers/Buyers Plan July 1 Protest In Light Of New ARS System

Popular marketplace Fiverr.com recently implemented a new feedback system dubbed Advanced Rating System (ARS), designed to create a “better, more transparent community for buyers and sellers”. Sellers and buyers alike don’t feel that way and have planned a protest day on July 1. On Tuesday, many sellers will suspend their gigs, going on “vacation” or […]

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FTC Being Asked To Investigate CarMax Practices Of Selling Used Non-Repaired, Recalled Cars

Several consumer and auto safety organizations have put a petition into the Federal Trade Commission about the vehicles CarMax, a used car sales company, is selling. If the FTC supports the organizations, CarMax would have to immediately stop advertising their vehicles as being certified and quality inspected so long as the recalled cars have not […]

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Whole Foods Ordered To Pay $800,000 Fine For Illegal Overcharging

Whole Foods customers tend to pay a lot of money for their groceries – one of the reasons the store was nicknamed “Whole Paycheck”. However, a recent California investigation unveiled a tactic the store was doing that illegally overcharged their customers. And, because of their illegal action, they have been court-ordered to pay an $800,000 […]

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Drug Company Ends Experimental Drug Trial Early Due To Its Outstanding Performance For Fighting Skin Cancer

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. said it ended its top experimental drug trial after people suffering with skin cancer and using the medication showed significant overall survival compared to the people who were using chemotherapy. After the independent data monitoring committee’s analysis, the chemotherapy group patients were permitted to use Nivolumab. According to the company, Nivolumab, in […]

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New Tourist Regulations May Hurt South Africa’s Tourism Industry

South Africa’s tourism will take a hit with the new requirements for visas. That’s according to Democratic Alliance MP James Vos. Vos said the new regulations regarding immigration are causing a backlog in the tourism industry, leading to unnecessary red tape. It’s placing a burden upon the industry and is restricting growth in the job-creating […]

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KFC Discrimination Story A Hoax: One Media Outlet Claims It Is, Family Denies Allegations

Is it a hoax or not? That’s what many people are wondering after a Mississippi newspaper claimed the story about little Victoria Wilcher was nothing but a publicity stunt for money. The family of the little girl says the story is 100 percent true. When the family took their story to Facebook, creating the page […]

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Honda and Other Automakers Issue Recall Over Airbag Defect

Honda Motor Company of Japan is recalling more than two millions vehicles around the world for a defect in the airbag that could cause a fire. According to Honda, the 2,033,000 vehicles, manufactured between August 2000 and December 2005, were sold in Japan (668,000) and the North America (more than one million). There are 13 […]

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Mississippi Reports First Chikungunya Virus Case


According to Mississippi’s State Department of Health, the first case of chikungunya was confirmed Monday. Currently, there are several possible chikungunya cases being investigated. Generally found in the African and Asian regions, the mosquito-borne illness’ symptoms can include joint and muscle pain, joint swelling and fever. There are very few deaths documented with this infection, […]

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Las Vegas Surgeon Donates His Services To Help 3-Year-Old Injured In Pit Bull Attack

When Victoria Wilcher and her grandmother were asked to leave at Jackson, Miss. KFC because the three-year-old’s face was scaring its customers, her grandmother took to popular social media website Facebook to tell her story. That story went viral! And, it moved a Las Vegas surgeon so much that he’s offered to do the little […]

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Obama Creates Pollinator Health Task Force To Save Economy and Food Supply


U.S. President Barack Obama has signed an executive order that will create the “Pollinator Health Task Force, which will investigate the serious drop in population of pollinators such as the honey bee. Honey bees and other pollinators are often viewed as a pest, but the reality about them is that they are essential to the […]

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