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Tip Top Poultry Issues Urgent Recall Of Chicken Products

If you have chicken in your freezer, take it out and look at it now. There’s been a recall of Tip Top Poultry’s cooked, hot deboned fowl meat due to the potential of a Listeria contamination. Already recalled, the company expanded it by includes stores such as ALDI, Food Lion, Kroger and Piggly Wiggly. In […]

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Fornite’s Mustard Creates Controversy Over Twitter “The End” Location

What does the phrase “end of Fortnite” mean? No one really seems to know the answer, but it’s something that game creator Donald Mustard has teased about recently. Mustard has changed his Twitter account location to “The End,” but it’s fairly obvious that Epic Games will quit on Fortnite, as it brings in more money […]

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Trump Unhappy With Latest Fox Poll

U.S. President Donald Trump took to Twitter Thursday, voicing his unhappiness with the latest Fox News poll showing that most registered voters agree the president should be impeached. The Fox News poll was released after House Democrats began an impeachment inquiry into whether or not the president engaged in Quid Pro Quo to have the […]

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