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RI State Legislator Fired From Civilian Job Over Political Comments

Although she was allegedly warned by her employer, a Rhode Island state legislator who worked as a waitress was let go for voicing her political views while she worked her shift. Raymond Burns, the owner of Classic Café, said he told Moira Walsh, who is the Providence Democratic representative, that her constant political discussions were […]

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State Department Visas Numbers Much Lower Than Justice Department’s Numbers

A U.S. Justice Department lawyer informed a federal judge that more than 100,000 visas had been rescinded in compliance with the temporary travel ban of seven major Muslim countries that President Donald Trump put into place. The State said the number is much lower. Will Cocks, Bureau of Consular Affairs spokesman, said less than 60,000 […]

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Howard Stern: Donald Trump Only Ran For Presidency For More Money From NBC Contract

Howard Stern is all about the shock factor, and he continues with the “Wow” factor by saying Donald Trump would rather have Hillary Clinton as president. The radio host suggested Trump only ran in the presidential election because he wanted more money from NBC for his “The Apprentice” contract. Stern said it’s why he’s so […]

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