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Google Obtains Patent on Input Method for Glass Project

Google has obtained a patent on an input method that allows for its augmented reality glasses to be more responsive. From the patent description, users can have access to the HUD interface on the glasses through a ring or bracelet. The concept of augmented reality glasses, under codename Project Glass which is still being developed, […]

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Leaked Photo Shows Layout Changes to Nintendo Wii U Controller

From a photograph that was uploaded by a tester on Twitter, it can be seen that the design of the Nintendo Wii U controller had been altered. The main change is that the controller has two analog sticks instead of circle pads on the top right and left corner. Matt Boosh, the British developer for […]

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Cheap USB Stick Sized Mini Computers Running on Android 4.0

Chinese stores have begun selling a device on a USB stick format with Android 4.0. The system is similar to the Raspberry Pi and Cotton Candy devices and all you need to do is connect it to an external monitor. According Cnxsoft the model is already available in various shops and is sold for about […]

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Telefonica Releases Tu Me – A Free Telephone and Messaging App

The Spanish telecom provider Telefonica has released an app that will allow users to call and send messages for free. Other than Spain, the app can also be used in other European countries such as the Netherlands. This may be the first time a European telecommunication company has introduced such an app. The app works […]

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Virgin Airlines to Offer In-Flight Cellphone Calling and Texting

Virgin Atlantic airlines will soon allow passengers to use their own cellular telephones to make phone calls and texts on their planes during a flight. On some flights the company has made it possible to use internet via WiFi connection and now they decided to take it a step further. The British airline is to […]

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Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine Gets A Facelift

Microsoft is carrying out major changes in the front end of its Bing search engine. Among other things, social networks are better integrated and users can perform more tasks directly from the search. Last week, Microsoft announced a new version of Bing where social networks are more involved in the search results. As an example, […]

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Glancee – Yet Another Acquisition for Facebook

Facebook has recently acquired Glancee for an undisclosed sum. The mobile location service enables users to locate people in their proximity and contact them based on common interests. Glancee announced the acquisition on its own site. The Glancee employees will move into Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California immediately. Glancee was founded in 2010 with […]

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TomTom HD Traffic Service Comes To Blackberry Smartphones

TomTom HD Traffic service will be offering its services on BlackBerry smartphones. The live traffic is added to the existing maps and location services that RIM has already developed for its mobile operating system. Both companies have announced that developers have access to the features and capabilities of TomTom HD Traffic service. This makes it […]

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VLC Media Player Downloads Hit 1 Billion Mark

The creators of the VLC media player, an open source and cross-platform media player, has stated that the software has passed 1 billion downloads. This is quite an amazing feat because downloads via Linux are not counted in this list. The statistics of VLC media player, developed by the VideoLAN organization were tracked since February […]

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Facebook To Unveil App Center, A Place For Finding Apps

Facebook recently announced its own App portal called the App Center. With the new App Center, users can now access existing apps for Android, IOS and browsers plus paid HTML5 apps. Facebook hopes to boost its platform log plus increase their income with this new App Center. The Facebook App Center will be available in […]

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