Sedentary Lifestyle Riskier Than Smoking, Diabetes and Other Health Problems


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Most people know smoking is bad for them, as is heart disease and diabetes. However, a sedentary lifestyle is actually much worse than any of these.

That’s according to Dr. Wael Jaber’s new study.

The Cleveland Clinic doctor said being unfit during an exercise stress test can be even worse than being a diabetic, hypertensive or a smoker. He said there’s nothing like this kind of study before and it should be disturbing.

The U.S. is currently faced with a fitness problem. The average BMI for men is 28.6; in the 1960s, the average was 25.1. Anything more than 24.9 is deemed overweight, and over 30 is regarded as obese.

Jaber said that being unfit should be seen as a disease and that exercise is the prescription to treat it. Researchers must get people to understand that no exercise can impair a person’s ability to live a long life.

His results came from looking at more than 100,000 patients who had to do an exercise treadmill test between 1991 and 2014. He said people who fail to do well on the treadmill test were two times as likely to die as people who were on dialysis for kidney failure. Jaber said people who have a sedentary lifestyle have a 500 percent higher risk of death than those who exercise regularly.

Jaber said comparing the sitting risk to exercise performers, then the risk of death is three times more than smoking.

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