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Google’s New PC-to-Phone Calling Feature Makes a Promising Start

Google Voice New Feature

Google made a promising entry into the PC-to-Phone calling market as over 1 million Google Voice calls via Gmail were logged within 24 hours of Google launching the new feature. The service was originally intended for US but reports indicate that it is also possible for users certain countries to enjoy the same facilities as […]

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AIG Pays $4 Billion to Taxpayer’s Debt

This is by far the single largest tax cash payment as insurer American International Group Inc. decided to pay $4 billion of U.S. loans to reduce its tax debt. The money was reported to have come from a $4.4 billion worth of debt sales from its investors, $3.9 billion of which will be paid to […]

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Gold Market Silent as Traders Await U.S. GDP Data

Gold Bullion

The gold market was as quiet as ever as investors waited on the progress of U.S housing sales and GDP data this week. The metal was regarded as a trusted fallback for the falling dollar which made its performance in the market largely dependent on the state of the US currency. Signs of stalling for […]

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Movie Critics Predict Great Outcome for “The Expendables”

Things are looking quite good for the 80’s action genre based “The Expendables” as movie critics are predicting it to blow over the competition in the silver screen. The movie is set to be released together with Julia Robert’s “Eat, Pray and Love” and “Scott Pilgrim”. “The Expendables” is directed and starred by the main […]

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Stem Cell Surgery: A New Hope for Patients with RDEB

stem cell

A medical breakthrough – for the very first time in surgical procedure history, a medical team was able to successfully use bone marrow stem cells as treatment for recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa or RDEB, a rare and fatal kind of skin disease. On the record, the treatment was performed on 10 minor patients who have […]

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Great Buzz Over NYC’s Holiday Season

A wonderful annual tradition in the “city that never sleeps”; New York’s annual holiday season just made itself felt as snow began to fall in the city streets. New York Holidays are extremely popular among tourist and is a cherished holiday for locals as the city comes to life with a wonderful and warm ambience […]

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Second Quarter Report from Warren Buffet Berkshire Hathway Inc

Warren Buffet Berkshire Hathway Inc. reported on Friday yet another depressing record low for this year’s second quarter as the company’s profit fell by 40%. The derivative contracts fell as declining prices went down. Their operating profit on the other hand increased by 73% after the railway giant Burlington Northern Santa Fe Group took over […]

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Employment Rates Get Worse in US


Even bad news for the United States economy as employment rates continue to collapse for the month of June. Analysts have predicted a steady decrease in employment but for this month, the rates were even lower than expected. This is a great blow to the economy which is already spiraling down. This news now poses […]

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Sleep for 7 hours a day, not more or less, to keep your heart healthy – WVU Study

Seven hours of sleep a day, including naps, keeps your heart healthy, and anything less or more could cause heart disease, according to a study by West Virginia University’s (WVU) faculty of medicine research team published in their journal “Sleep”. Sleeping for less than five hours a day can significantly impact cardiovascular health, with increased […]

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Chelsea Clinton weds Marc Merzvink in a ceremony veiled from curious eyes

The most awaited moment finally arrived as Chelsea Clinton wed her heartthrob Marc Mezvinsk in an excessively publicised wedding that was shrouded in mystery, concealed in the backdrop of an isolated and century old estate in a rural New York village. “Today, we watched with great pride and overwhelming emotion as Chelsea and Marc wed […]

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