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Earth Has a Long Term Traveling Companion


Unraveling of the wonders in outer space continues with the latest discovery of an asteroid that is expected to keep company with earth, for several hundred years. The asteroid named Trojan 2010 TK7, is a tiny one that accompanies Earth as we revolve around the Sun, and is only 300 yards across. Along with our […]

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Hotel Maid Vs Strauss-Khan Battle Heats Up as the Accuser Goes Public

The ongoing controversy over the Dominique Strauss-Khan vs. a New York hotel maid he was accused of sexually assaulting continues as this time the maid herself has come forward to give her side of the story. Previously, the maid, had kept her identity a secret under prosecution’s advice but information came from the prosecution’s side […]

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Norway Massacre Raises Questions As Accused Faces Conviction


The world is still reeling from the mass killings in Norway by a 32 year old Norwegian, Anders Behring Breivik who now admits to not only bombing government buildings but to slaying over 90 people in a shooting rampage. Breivik is facing court charges on Monday for the slaughter of the kids at a labour […]

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Planned Merger of Thomas Cook and Co-op Society Provisionally Approved

The Competition Commission of UK has released a provisional approval to the plan of Thomas Cook and the Co-Operative Group and Midlands Co-operative Society to merge their UK High Street retail travel businesses. This deal will bind three of the largest companies in the United Kingdom. Thomas Cook at present has 780 stores while the […]

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Microsoft Corp. Posts Fourth-Quarter Profit

Microsoft Corp. has posted $17.4 billion fourth-quarter revenues and $6.2 billion profits that ended in June. This performance, which beats analyst expectations, was driven by strong sales of its Xbox console and Office software. Microsoft follows IBM, Google and Apple in posting good results as spending on technology seems to be holding up well in […]

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Autism May Be Caused by Environmental Factors, a Study Says

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A study of identical twins at Stamford University and University of California- San Francisco (UCSF) showed the possibility of autism to be caused by environmental factors. This finding is likely to swing in the emphasis of research into developmental disorder. These factors, which include conditions in the womb, could be at least as significant as […]

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Microsoft and Badu Combine Forces to Expand Web Search in China


Badu Inc. and Microsoft came up with a decision to combine their forces as they seek to gain Google users. This partnership happened after Google pulled its famous search engine out of China a year and a half ago over concerns on censorship. The agreement will allow users of Baidu to view English search results […]

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