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Applications in Facebook Could Be Trading Your Info

A recent Wallstreet Journal revealed that Facebook could be sharing users’ data with third party companies. This means the personal information you have in your profile could be shared with marketing and internet tracking companies without your knowledge. Despite Facebook’s assurance that its users’ privacy of information is protected, it now appears that the online […]

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Google Unleashes Driverless Car


Google ventured into auto technology in the backdrop of a self-driven car, a design that could revolutionize the future of motoring the  same way its Search Engine did, to internet technology. After a splendid innovation record in internet products and services, Google recently made it public that it has ventured into auto technology. Its first […]

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3D Imaging Technology to Enhance Hearing


A patented technology for creating revolutionary hearing aids may offer a solution to those apprehensive of wearing traditional hearing aids. According to a past study by National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication, close to 36 million people in America have some kinds of hearing complications, and among them, only one out of five such […]

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The Real Score between Taylor Swift and John Mayer

Award winning teen singer Taylor Swift has always managed to make her way to the top of the charts by writing about past loves and relationships. And in her latest songs, this time, she might be writing about someone who’s more familiar to the lime light than we expect. Reports are out that there is […]

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Unexpected Fall of Apple’s Shares in the Stock Market

A surprising drop was seen in Apple’s shares as the company fell by 7% during after-hours trading. This came unexpected by many because the company has performed quite well in the market. Expectations were high for Apple as its profits were predicted to go beyond $4.3bn for the last quarter. After closing time in the […]

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Japanese Economy at Its Lowest in Two Years


Concerns continue to grow as Japan’s economy still refuses to budge. An official statement by the Japanese government described the country’s economic development as “pausing”. The Japanese economy has not been in this stagnant state for over two years – the reasons why both government officials are now voicing out their concerns. The culprit to […]

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FDA Approves New Hypertension Pill


The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved “Tekamlo”, a single pill solution to high blood pressure that combines two different substances, namely, aliskiren and amlodipine, of which one is the only approved direct renin inhibitor and the other is the widely used calcium channel blocker respectively. Tekamlo is a single pill therapy medication […]

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A New Threat to Internet Security

A new virus that was recently speculated as targeting Iranian nuclear facilities has raised concern about the safety of Industrial facilities against what could be politically targeted attacks using sophisticated code. The Stuxnet worm was first discovered in June 2010 by an Internet security firm “VirusBlokAda” in Belarus. It gained notoriety  as a one of […]

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