The Real Score between Taylor Swift and John Mayer

Award winning teen singer Taylor Swift has always managed to make her way to the top of the charts by writing about past loves and relationships. And in her latest songs, this time, she might be writing about someone who’s more familiar to the lime light than we expect. Reports are out that there is one song that she made especially for a romance gone bad with fellow singer, John Mayer.

Swift and Mayer were reported to have started their romance in 2009, during their collaborative work on the song “Half of My Heart” from John Mayer’s latest album, “Battle Studies”; although the romance was never confirmed by both parties.

The controversial song is without a surprise, entitled “Dear John” and speaks about a romance that ended all too soon – very much the same way as it was rumored to between her and the 32-year old singer. The lyrics were all about heartaches, betrayal and regrets – which gives us a pretty clear view of how their relationship ended.

When asked about her inspiration for the song, Swift was reported to say that her songs were not hard to interpret at all and should be taken as they are.

The song is set to be out on her next album entitled, “Speak Now”.

Aside from that, “Twilight” hunk, Taylor Lautner also managed to be on album’s song list too with a song entitled “The Story of Us”. He was also rumored to be the inspiration for many other songs in the album including “Back to December” which the singer claims to be a song of apology.

Taylor Swift has indeed left people guessing to the meaning of her songs and her past loves and relationships– which is probably why they are such huge hits today.


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