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U.S. Stocks, Oil Affected by Possible Syria Strike

US Stock Exchange

U.S. stocks made a sharp drop on Tuesday amid speculation of a likely U.S. military strike against Syria for suspected use of chemical weapons. Oil, which typically is sensitive to Middle East crisis situations, saw its greatest jump in price since the year started because of fears that production will be disrupted due to the […]

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Researchers Find Inaccuracies in the Body Mass Index


A Journal of Science report was published on Friday stating that the body mass index (BMI) is not as accurate as once thought when it comes to associating a high measurement with the occurrence of certain health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. The assertions were made by Dr. Rexford Ahima and Dr. Mitchell […]

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Wal-Mart Brings Back Free Layaway

Free layaway is coming back to Wal-Mart stores for this holiday season. According to the Bentonville retailer’s website, free layaway would start on Sept. 13 and run through Dec. 13. The previous $5 fee people were charged to open their layaway accounts is gone but the $10 cancellation fee is returning. Facebook fans of the […]

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Law & Order: SVU Tackles 2 High-Profile and Controversial Headlines In New Season Episode

When Law & Order: SVU returns to TV, you’re going to notice some familiar, headlining cases. After all, the show and its executives have never been ones to shy away from the real-life stories. According to Warren Leight, SVU’s executive producer, for an upcoming episode, the show is going to tackle the Paula Deen controversy […]

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Yahoo the Most Visited Website in US Says Comscore

When Marissa Mayer took over as Yahoo’s CEO, it was suggested that she’d put the web company back on top. If we are to go by Comscore’s latest survey results that shows Yahoo taking the top spot for the most visited site in US  for the month of July,  her taking the helm is certainly turning […]

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Facebook to Bring the Internet to the Globe in Spite of Microsoft Skepticism

On Tuesday evening, Facebook’s CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg announced on the Facebook Newsroom the rollout of internet.org with the mission of bringing internet access to those in the world who don’t have it. This announcement comes in spite of criticism by Microsoft CEO and co-founder Bill Gates. Gates takes the position that there are […]

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Lawsuit Filed Against Pharmacy For Dosage Overdose and Death

Simone Allen of Houston has filed a lawsuit against her longtime pharmacy Cullen Care Pharmacy, accusing them that their dosage mistake killed her six-year-old daughter. Allen said Jadalyn was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia and prescribed morphine from time to time to regulate her pain. Jadalyn was using the liquid painkiller and was allegedly given […]

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Obama Wants Financial Regulators to Accelerate Reform

President Obama met with financial regulators on Monday to stress the urgency for implementing all of the provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010. The Act was signed by the President in the same year yet regulators are behind in finalizing the rules that will carry out the provisions. The Act directs sweeping reforms on […]

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Lawmakers Call for NSA Reforms while Corporations Continue to Spy on Cell Phones


On Friday, U.S. lawmakers called for reforms in the operations of the National Security Agency (NSA) after the release of their report on privacy violations. Meanwhile, corporations continue to collect information through the use of spy software on the company-issued cell phones and tablet computers of their employees. Friday’s report only adds weight to the […]

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Tumblr Founder Karp To Receive $81 Retention Payment From Yahoo Sale

Yahoo recently finished its acquisition of Tumblr, an Internet blogging service, and with the acquisition is a $81 million payment to David Karp, the founder of Tumbler. The catch? He must continue working for the company for the next four years. The retention payment, which was made public on Aug. 8, was part of the […]

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