Lawmakers Call for NSA Reforms while Corporations Continue to Spy on Cell Phones


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On Friday, U.S. lawmakers called for reforms in the operations of the National Security Agency (NSA) after the release of their report on privacy violations.

Meanwhile, corporations continue to collect information through the use of spy software on the company-issued cell phones and tablet computers of their employees.

Friday’s report only adds weight to the positions of an increasing number of Americans that electronic surveillance, stop sign cameras, cell phone spy apps, and the like are getting out of hand.

The report stated that the NSA made repeated errors in violating the rules designed to protect citizens and their privacy rights.

In spite of the mounting concerns of government lawmakers, companies selling cell phone tracking and spy apps continue to operate legally and employers utilize the software to track employees with company-issued cell phones.

This assertion of corporate spying on cell phones is based on the News of the World hacking scandal of last year plus the expectation that the names 100 companies involved in cell phone spying in the U.K. will be released soon.

Some of the companies pass phone spying activities to private investigators so that they will not be implicated in any charges of violating a person’s privacy.

Cell phone spy software can be bought and downloaded from several different vendors. In the United States, the only legal applications for use of this software are to track a child’s cell phone as a parent or an employer can track a company-issued cell phone.

However, some vendors advertise that you can catch a cheating spouse which is illegal unless the spouse gives express permission.

Cell phone tracking and spy software runs completely stealth on a smart device. It can also run on tablet computers.

Once the app is installed, all information pertaining to phone calls, emails, calendar appointments, photos taken, SMS messages, and chat sessions is sent back to the subscriber and can be viewed on a dashboard portal from any web browser.

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