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Postal Workers’ Union Protest Staples’ Use Of Store Employees, Not Postal Employees

Staples’ pilot program to include dozens of post office in the store has left many California leaders from the national postal workers’ union upset. The national postal workers’ union sent a letter to the Bay Area store managers protesting their decision to use Staples’ employees and not actual postal workers, claiming it was a disservice […]

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Death Of 26-Year-Old Woman Marks 9th Pedestrian Fatality Since Start Of 2014 In City

A 26-year old Upper West Side Manhattan woman was killed after she was hit by two cars while crossing 96th Street between West End Avenue and Broadway. According to the New York Police Department, Samantha Lee was near her home when she was clipped by an ambulance’s driver’s side window, which was headed west. After […]

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A&E Reality Star Dead At 49

Roy Garber, a reality TV star regular on Shipping Wars, died Jan. 17, after suffering a heart attack. Garber was 49. Garber was at home when he went into cardiac arrest. He was rushed to al local area hospital and pronounced dead shortly after his arrival. It’s been reported that Garber was suffering with repeated […]

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Massive Breach Of Target, Neiman Marcus Is Work Of 17-Year-Old

According to a report, the mastermind that’s behind the massive information breach that occurred at Target and Neiman Marcus was the work of a 17-year-old boy. IntelCrawler security researchers learned who created the malware, but, according to the president of IntelCrawler it doesn’t mean investigators still know who committed the attacks on the retailers. The […]

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Recall: 1.77M Pounds Of Singles Kraft Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Affected

A Kentucky-based company is recalling about 1.77 million pounds of shelf-stable ground beef and pasta products due to undeclared allergens and misbranding. Truitt Brothers, Inc. is calling for stores to remove the nine-ounce microwaveable container of Kraft Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Singles – Ultimate Cheeseburger Mac from their shelves. The case codes being recalled include: 00210000432900, […]

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Senate Fails to Extend Jobless Aid Benefits

The U.S. Senate failed to pass legislation on Tuesday aimed at extending unemployment insurance benefits for over a million jobless workers. The bill proposed by Democrats in the Senate would extend payments to unemployed workers seeking a job until November 2014. The impasse came from Republicans who typically do not support unemployment benefits and only […]

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Obama Administration Cuts Contract Early with Healthcare.gov Contractor

The U.S. Government office that oversees the implementation of the Obamacare Healthcare.gov website confirmed Saturday that it cut its contract with CGI Federal early instead of at end of February as originally stipulated. CGI Federal and the government office that manages the Healthcare.gov website, the Centre for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) mutually agreed to […]

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Colorado Slightly On Edge about Fallout from Legalized Marijuana

After Colorado’s first full week of legalized marijuana, some in the state are concerned about the possible backlash from the drug cartels who at one time dominated the previously illegal market. Experts are warning that two Mexican drug cartels with a heavy presence in Colorado, the Juarez and Sinaloa, are likely to respond to the […]

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Study Reveals 16 Companies Surpass Their 2010 Pledge To Reduce Calories In Food and Drinks


A new study reveals that many of the nation’s biggest food companies have reduced the calories in their products by over 6 trillion. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation study revealed that between 2007 and 2012, these companies decreased the calories by about 78 calories per day per person. This total is actually more than the […]

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“Cussing-Video” Toddler and Siblings Taken Into Protective Custody

Nebraska Child Protective Services have taken a swearing toddler and his siblings into custody after an Internet video went viral. That’s according to police in Omaha. Authorities saw nothing in the video that was criminal. However, officials with the NCPS and the police department’s Child Victim Unit said a joint investigation revealed some safety issues. […]

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