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Verizon Unveils New Plan In Hopes To Entice Wireless Users

A new plan is being disclosed by Verizon to entice cell phone users from their current wireless carrier company to Verizon. Verizon, which has been cited as being the number one wireless carrier company, recently released details on several new changes being implemented. Some changes include additional data and storage, unlimited messaging and more discounts. […]

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India’s Suspension Lifted, 89 Countries Compete In Sochi Winter Games

Indian flag

There are 89 countries and territories competing in this year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, after the International Olympic Committee reinstated India after a one-year ban. India’s athletes can now compete under the country’s flag. According to a statement written by the IOC, it’s the first time ever that a National Olympic Committee suspension is […]

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Half-Sister Of Actress Julia Roberts Dead Of Suspected Drug Overdose

Julia Roberts’s half-sister Nancy Motes died Sunday after a suspected drug overdose. Motes, who was the youngest sister of both Julia and Eric Roberts, battled both obesity and depression. In a statement, the family is devastated by the loss, confirming that Motes was found unresponsive of a suspected drug overdose in Los Angeles. The Coroner’s […]

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eBay Prices For Cell Phones With Flappy Bird App Skyrocket To Outrageous Amounts

flappy bird

Flappy Bird may be gone from the App Store but fanatics of the popular game are looking for versions of it on old cell phones. The developer removed the popular app from the Android and iPhone app stores during the weekend, but it can still be found on smartphones or tablets that have the game […]

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Uncle Ben’s Recall Affects Infused 5 and 25-Pound Rice Products

A recall involving Uncle Ben’s infused rice products 5 and 25 pound bags is in effect over allergy-like reactions. The company, Mars Foodservices, produces the bags of rice said the recall isn’t affecting those Uncle Ben’s brand products sold in grocery stores – cup or bag, boxed or ready-to-heat items – because these are produced […]

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LaBeouf Goes To Nymphomanic Premiere With Bag On Head

Transformers star Shia LaBeouf is causing even more controversy for himself. To promote his latest film – an explicit erotic film – he arrived to the premiere wearing a paper bag on his head. The movie Nyphomanic by Lars Von Trier opened at the Berlin Film Festival, and LaBeouf, who stars alongside Charlotte Gainsbourg, wore […]

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Sochi Winter Olympics Launches with a Festive Ceremony and Charged Team Great Britain

Across the globe television viewers saw the opening of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia on Friday evening with a festive ceremony. President Vladimir Putin made the declaration for the games to begin. The opening ceremony did not go perfectly as planned however. The standout glitch was the display of five snowflakes that were […]

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Researchers See Link between Firstborn and Increased Health Risks


Researchers in New Zealand are seeing a possible link between being firstborn and having more weight and less sensitivity to insulin thus leading to increased health risks of diabetes and heart disease. The study was conducted at the University of Auckland and the findings released last Thursday in the Scientific Reports journal. The study was […]

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Facebook Sees Paper as More than Just the News

On Monday, February 3, Facebook released its new app named Paper and sees it as the reader for future. They also foresee that it could possibly replace the current Facebook app available for iPhones with plans to release it later for iPads. Facebook released Paper as a news reader with a new look that takes […]

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CHP Officer Detains Firefighter For Failure To Comply With Order

A firefighter from Southern California found himself in handcuffs after he did not agree with a request presented to him from a highway patrol officer on where to park the fire engine. Engineer Jacob Gregoire from the Chula Vista Fire Department, was detained by the California Highway Patrol for approximately 30 minutes upon refusal to […]

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