Facebook Sees Paper as More than Just the News

On Monday, February 3, Facebook released its new app named Paper and sees it as the reader for future. They also foresee that it could possibly replace the current Facebook app available for iPhones with plans to release it later for iPads.

Facebook released Paper as a news reader with a new look that takes advantage of full screen displays, navigation through intuitive swipes, and uncluttered layouts. The idea is that reading stories of interest on Facebook would be almost the same as flipping through the pages of a magazine.

The Paper app is also designed so that you can operate all of its features while holding the iPhone in your hand and only using your thumb.

The social media giant Facebook has been taking several initiatives to make apps such as Paper and others more focused around pictures.

Many have expressed opinions that Paper gives a more pleasurable experience than its traditional blue and white standard app. There are no more vertical timelines and it is not as chronological when it comes to the news feed.

It also has specialized channels with categories like entertainment, technology, sports, cooking, and more.

The Paper app is getting its share of favorable reviews as well. Brian Blau, who is a research analyst with Gartner Research, notes that since one of the major tenets of Facebook has been the news that its Paper app should be more successful than its other app failures.

One such app that was not so successful was Poke which was launched in December of 2012. Poke is an app where once messages are viewed they disappear.

Facebook continues to focus on apps for specific purposes as well. For example, Facebook’s Camera app that is specifically for photos and allows you to take multiple shots, make quick edits, and tag them. Camera is currently available to English speaking countries.

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