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Facebook CEO Taking 2 Months Paternity Leave After Daughter’s Birth

Mark Zuckerberg announced via Facebook that when his daughter is born, he’ll take two months of paternity leave. Many comments have been made, praising him for his decision and saying it sent a positive message regarding the U.S. policies on parental leave. Facebook has a policy that allows parents to take up to four months […]

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TWD Glenn Lives… For Now!

One of The Walking Dead’s most cherished and beloved characters is alive! Glenn Rhee, the former pizza delivery guy, was able, as many fans had theorized, to crawl out from underneath’s Nicholas’ body and under the dumpster, fighting off zombies in the process while under there. After four weeks of being left hanging as to […]

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New York City Officials Hold Mock Terrorist Attacks

The city of New York conducted two counter-terrorism drills at a subway station early Sunday – the first cooperative agency test since Paris’ deadly attacks last week. The Office of Emergency Management, the New York Police Department and the Fire Department of New York worked in conjunction with training sessions that included a scenario where […]

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Nestle Japan To Make Golden-Coated Kit Kat Bar

Would you eat a gold-coated Kit Kat bar? Chocolate lovers in Japan have the option to do so in December when the company releases its mouth-watering bar for $22 (or 2,016 yen). And, it’s only the Japanese that’ll get lucky. The bars won’t be found anywhere else in the world. Nestle Japan said 500 bars […]

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Court Papers Show Chambers Wasn’t Drunk During Oct. 24 Accident

Four people were killed and dozens were injured Oct. 24 after a woman allegedly under the influence of alcohol ran them down during the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade. However, court papers show that her Adacia Chambers’ blood alcohol content level was just 0.01 percent, which is under the minimum level to be regarded as […]

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