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Personal Lawyer: U.S. President Not Concerned With Russian Investigation Outcome

U.S. President Donald Trump appears nonchalant about the possibility of what his former campaign manager and former national security advisor may say in their impending court testimonies to special counsel Robert Mueller. According to the Trump’s personal attorney Ty Cobb, what Paul Manafort or Michael Flynn said to Mueller is of no consequence to the […]

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Woman Learns She Accidentally Gives Away Own Child In Surrogacy Phenomenon

When Jessica Allen of California became a surrogate for another couple, she never believed that she’d become pregnant with her own child after their embryo had been implanted into her uterus. Unfortunately, for Allen and her husband Mike, they unwittingly gave up custody of their own child. In what doctors called superfetation, Allen experienced a […]

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JetBlue Addressing A321 Lavatory Alignment Problem

JetBlue Airways came up with a plan to generate profit – it would reduce the size of its bathrooms to fit more passengers in its A321 gets. However, that plan seems not to be working out like the company thought it would. According to Steve Priest, JetBlue’s chief financial officer, 21 of its installed bathrooms […]

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Microsoft Discontinues Manufacturing and Selling Kinect Devices

Microsoft has decided to kill its state-of-the-art, motion-sensing peripheral device – Kinect, which was introduced for its Xbox 360 and upgraded for its current game console – the Xbox One. According to two Microsoft executives – Xbox Devices Marketing General Manager Matthew Lapsen and device creator Alex Kipman, the company has indeed stopped producing the […]

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