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Kenya Tourism Industry May See Slight Drop In Numbers After Mall Attack


Kenya’s tourism sector had been rising steadily over the past 10 years. However, analysts are worried that Kenya’s tourism industry will take a hit after the Somali-armed group Al-Shabab overtook the upscale Nairobi mall, killing nearly 70 civilians and security personnel. To answer concerns travelers to Kenya may have, David Scowsill, the head of the […]

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Burger King To Shed Unhealthy Image With New Low-Fat, Low Calorie French Fries

french Fries

Burger King is looking to get rid of its unhealthy fast food image by adding to its menu low-fat, low-calorie French fries to assist those health-conscious consumers. Burger King, which is the world’s second-largest hamburger restaurant chain and based in Miami, is introducing Satisfries – a value-size serving will have 190 calories, eight grams of […]

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UN Report Reveals Sharp Decline In HIV Infections and AIDS-Related Death Cases


According to a United Nations report, the amount of both HIV infections and AIDS-related death has significantly dropped. At its peak in 2005, there were 2.3 million deaths related to the virus. Last year, there were only 1.6 million deaths, meaning a drop of one-third. The drop among children was even greater. In 2001, over […]

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BoA Ordered To Pay $2.2M In Racial Discrimination Case

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a federal judge has ruled that Bank of America must pay $2.2 million to over 1,000 black job applicants who were racially discriminated against for openings in the Charlotte area. The Charlotte Bank was accused of denying black candidates qualified to the duties of entry-level clerical and administrative […]

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Sons Of Anarchy Tackles Hard Subject In Sixth Season Premiere Episode

When the sixth season of Sons of Anarchy kicks off, its premiere episode deals with a very touchy subject: school shootings. Of course, there was some warning sent to viewers. Newtown, Conn. Superintendent of Schools sent parents an email warning the parents of the upcoming episode. Newtown was site of the tragic school shooting late […]

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AT&T Removes Controversial 9-11 Picture Tweet

AT&T tweeted a picture of a smartphone user taking a picture of New York City’s Tribute in Light memorial to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks. However, an hour after its post, the company removed it and apologized because social media users accused the company of trying to capitalize on the devastating […]

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United Flight 93 Crew and Passengers Honored On 12th Sept. 11 Anniversary

The families of the United Flight 93’s crew and passengers read each name Sept. 11 during the somber Shanksville, Pa. memorial. Families of Flight 93 President Gordon Felt said in 22 minutes, their loved ones went into history. Felt’s brother Edward was among the 40 people – 33 passengers, seven crew members – that were […]

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Flu Season Starts Early In Los Angeles County

Flu season

The season’s first flu cases have already begun – that’s according to one top health official in Los Angeles County. One case of the flu has hospitalized one person, and officials are urging residents to get their influenza vaccine. Dr. Jonathan Fielding said, it’s not uncommon to see sporadic cases of the flu during the […]

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Popular Greek Yogurt Recalls Some Products

Chobani is doing a voluntary recall of some of its Greek yogurt after receiving several reports of bloated cups. According to the New Berlin, N.Y.-based company, a complete and thorough investigation has revealed that a kind of mold typically found in the dairy setting is responsible for the containers swelling. Chobani’s recall is limited to […]

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