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Police: Famous Chef Violier Allegedly Kills Self

Well-known chef Benoit Violier was found dead Jan. 31 in his home located near Lausanne. Police suspect his death was from a gunshot wound he inflicted upon himself. Violier was 44. Violier’s three-star Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville is located in western Switzerland and recently hit the list for the world’s finest places for its […]

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Zika Virus Leads To Abortion Controversy In Brazil

With the Zika outbreak in full force, pregnant Brazilians are panicked about the mosquito-borne virus that is causing brain damage in newborns. First seen in the coastal city of Recife, women are not near as joyful as they were before the virus struck. After all, there’s no cure or vaccine for the disease. And, in […]

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Is There Another Planet Out There… And No, It’s Not Pluto

Planetary system

NASA said the idea of a ninth planet being out in the solar system is interesting but still not proven. The “alleged” planet is about 10 times larger than Earth and orbits the sun. And, it’s lurking near the area of Neptune. While no planet has been found just yet, NASA scientists warned against making […]

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