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Will The Penn State Scandal Expand?

The US and the rest of the world is still in shock at the accusations toward Penn State University that several boys had been the victims of  abuse at the hands of the faculty there.  Not only was a former coach pointed to as the prime culprit but it was soon discovered that others who […]

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Breakthrough In Stem Cell Treatments For Heart Patients Says Cedars Sinai Hospital

heart disease

In an announcement that stunned the medical community and industry this past week, doctors at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in California announced that their clinical trials using adult stem cells has resulted in astonishing improvements for patients who had suffered both heart attacks and resulting congestive heart failure. The improvements were so astonishing that further […]

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Electronic Nose Device Could Sniff and Nip Tuberculosis in the Bud


Researchers from the United States and India are in the process of developing a device that could diagnose tuberculosis in symptomatic patients. The handheld device is known as the Electronic Nose and is similar to the breathalyzer that police use to detect alcohol on a person’s breath. The Electronic Nose will have sensors that were […]

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