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China Taking Measures Against Hot Money


China is planning to release a series of policies concerning the movement of local currency inside and outside the country due to interest rate fluctuation – also commonly termed as hot money. This news came out from an official government paper that cited a bank executive mentioning policies that China is implementing to fend off […]

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APEC Summit 2010 Spearheads Free Trade Policies

The APEC Summit has finally ended last Sunday after four days of the annual conference meeting which comprised of presidents from the world’s strongest economies. The participating countries are now proud to be one step closer to solving the global fiscal crisis which is considered to be one of the most pressing global issues to […]

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Stock Market Ends with Narrowly Mixed Stocks Due to Dow Jones High


Once again, the Dow Jones industrial average reached yet another record trading level high of the year. This has resulted to a narrowly mixed stock by the end of Monday, November 1, 2010. This is the 3rd time in two consecutive weeks that the Dow Jones close down to its highest average of the year, […]

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Alternative Algal Biofuel Industry Gets Support from the Government

Algal derived biofuel industry is showing great potential as it gets a boost from the government. This alternative fuel source is expected to replace the estimated 18 million barrels of crude oil consumed everyday. Government’s support came in the form of heavy investment; and best of all, a potential customer is now standing in line: […]

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