Alternative Algal Biofuel Industry Gets Support from the Government

Algal derived biofuel industry is showing great potential as it gets a boost from the government. This alternative fuel source is expected to replace the estimated 18 million barrels of crude oil consumed everyday.

Government’s support came in the form of heavy investment; and best of all, a potential customer is now standing in line: the US military. Although the entire technology is still at its very young stage and experiments are still being conducted, algae derived biofuel is attracting the attention of both governments and private sectors. Private entities such as airline companies and manufacturers are starting to get curious over this alternative source of fuel as well.

Experiments have confirmed the possibility of deriving crude oil out from marine plants. And the product of which can be processed, the usual way, to produce fuel. This is considered to be a great replacement to fossil fuels. It is a renewable energy, which makes it even more environment-friendly. Aside from that, the algal products are also said to be a potential replacement for oil in food, pharmaceuticals and food.

Because the marine plant makes use of lesser carbon content compared to fossil fuels, the use of this kind of biofuel is said to be a great way to carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere which is the primary greenhouse gas and a global warming contributor. Aside from that, algae can be easily cultured which is also expected to reduce the amounts of imported fuel.

Actual tests on the workability of algae biofuel has been done by the Navy itself, using the product to power and run a river patrol boat last October 2010. This boat is said to be one of the Navy’s fleet of algae fuel powered vessels named as the “great green fleet”, set to become operational in 2016.

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