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PayPal New Parents Can Take Advantage Of New Leave Time Starting Jan. 1

PayPal, an electronic payment company based on San Jose, Calif., recently increased its paid parental time leave program, making it one of the many Silicon Valley firms to do this in order to get and keep talent. Beginning Jan. 1, new mothers can get up to eight weeks of paid maternity leave. Both mothers and […]

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European Travel Industry Could See Major Hit After November Paris Attacks

paris travel

More than $1 billion for Europe’s travel industry could be lost due to the Paris attacks However, analysts have said low oil prices and the recovering economy could offset the security worries for many companies. Investors, who want to benefit from positive factors, are looking at groups with an array of travel destinations, that are […]

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UK Police Arrest VTech Toymaker Hacker


Personal data of millions of children and adults may have been compromised after a creepy hack of the toymaker VTech servers happened last month. While the extent of the damage is not yet known, police in the U.K. have arrested a suspect on suspicion of crimes not related to the illegal access to a computer. […]

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Hoverboards Harder To Find As Retailers Like Amazon and Wal-Mart Pull Them From Their Shelves and Websites

hoverboard by swagway

If you’ve been looking for a “hoverboard” to give as a Christmas gift, you’re going to find it’s much harder than before. Amazon has opted to suspend the sales of the majority of these devices on both its UK and U.S. websites. Amazon’s move comes after a backlash of house fires and explosions linked to […]

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