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Sons of Anarchy Supporting Actor Dead, Suspect In Neighborhood Killing

“Sons of Anarchy” supporting star actor Johnny Lewis, 28, died Sept. 26 in a neighborhood in Los Angeles where he is also suspected to have killed an 81-year-old woman he had rented a room from. According to officials, police officers responded to a distress call – a woman yelling loudly in the rich Los Feliz […]

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Goodell Releases Apology Letter To NFL Fans

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wrote and released a letter to league fans recently, conveying how deeply apologetic he was for the referee holdout that finally came to a close Sept. 26. Goodell said he believes in responsibility, not excuses. He said it was a shame the agreement between the sides could not come any sooner […]

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California To See Increase Of Revenue Due To Sales Tax Law Placed On Internet Merchants

California residents are no longer able to take advantage of no sales tax when they shop online. After several years of controversy, Amazon will begin to collect both local and state taxes, which can range from 7.25 to 9.75 percent, depending where in the state you live. The move is expected to generate nearly $100 […]

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FDA Approved Drug Aubagio Could Help Millions of People Living With Multiple Sclerosis

The U.S Food and Drug Administration has approved the drug Aubagio, a one-time a day tablet for adults who have relapsing kinds of multiple sclerosis (or MS). Aubagio will enter the $12 billion a year market to help sufferers of the debilitating disease. Should Aubagio’s popularity soar, it would mean big money for Sanofi-Aventis, its […]

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More Parties at Home More Fun


Today’s home parties are nothing like the good old days. Pin the tail on the donkey, spin the bottle, charades, although lots of fun just don’t cut it with today’s advanced technologies.  Nowadays people are saving money by entertaining at home.  It’s become lots more fun as friends and families are getting more cozy together […]

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