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Apple to Release the iPad Pro Early Next Year

For most of the last few months, Apple news has been centered on the release date of the new iPhone model. With that news being made somewhat public right now, those that seek the latest news on the hottest product line in the mobile world are not worried about a new rumor. That rumor is […]

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Ebola Outbreak Leads To Millions Of Cancelled Africa Trips


More people are opting not to visit Africa because of the recent Ebola outbreak. Many of them are cancelling their trips including to areas that are thousands of millions from the closest community infected with the virus. According to tour operators, the majority of the cancellations is coming from Asia; however, people in Brazil, Europe […]

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Target Continues To See Decline In Sales Due To Holiday Credit Card Hack

Target customers are having a difficult time trusting the company after the credit card hack. According to the large retail chain, sales from its most recent quarter increased to $17.4 billion or 1.7 percent. However, it saw its net profit drop 62 percent to $234 million. The company said the credit card breach cost the […]

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Obamacare Tax Revenue Target Falling Short

A government audit has revealed that the “Obamacare” tax on medical devices is coming up short of the revenue target due to the fact that thousands of businesses are not paying the tax. The audit, which was carried out by the treasure inspector general for tax administration, said, the Internal Revenue Service must start policing […]

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DOJ and BOA Come Up With “One Last” Settlement, Announcement Set For Thursday

In a settlement with the justice department, Bank of America is predicted to pay around $17 billion for its part in the financial crisis. The agreement is expected to be announced on Thursday. The U.S. Department of Justice accused the company of putting together shoddy mortgages into securities, selling them to investors during the financial […]

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Massive Breach at Community Health Systems Comprises 4.5M Patients’ Data

Community Health Systems, a hospital operator based out of Tennessee, revealed on Monday that it suffered a hack in both April and June, with 4.5 million people’s personal information being affected. Community Health Systems has employed the cybersecurity firm Mandiant and is working with them in the investigation of the breach.  In the U.S. Securities […]

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Microsoft Updates Causing System Crashes and Reboots, Company Pulls All August Updates

Microsoft pulls August updates after getting reports of system crashes and machine restarts. According to Microsoft, the problem involve four of its individual updates that address both the features and security of its operating softwares such as Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. It’s recommended people to actually uninstall […]

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India’s Lesser Known Species Endanger Of Becoming Extinct

With India’s efforts to protect majestic endangered animals – rhinos, tigers, etc. wildlife poachers have started thinking smaller. And, because of this, activists have said scores of the country’s not-so-known animal species are disappearing from the wild. For example, the star tortoise, which is a popular pet and measures out to a foot long, and […]

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“Dollar” Store Wars Begins: Dollar General Throws In Bid To Purchase Family Dollar

A “Dollar” store war is on – Dollar General DG has entered a bid to purchase Family Dollar.  The company offered Family Dollar Stores FDO $9.7 billion or $78.50 per share, which surpasses the $8.5 billion offer made by Dollar Tree DLTR in July. Dollar Tree said it would pay shareholder $59.60 in cash and […]

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2 Killed In Early Sunday Morning Train Head-On Collision In NE AR

Two Union Pacific train crew members are dead and two others are injured after two freight trains had a head-on collision in Hoxie, Ar., a little town in Northeast Arkansas. Arkansas State Police said the accident happened around 2:30 a.m., with the resulting fire taking roughly seven hours to put out.  According to authorities, one […]

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