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Google Co-Founder Takes Over CEO Seat

Just when we think that all the hype and excitement over the announcement that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is taking a leave of absence, another big name in the computer and internet industry makes another big announcement.  This concerns Google Inc and it’s all about CEO Eric Schmidt stepping aside and giving his post to […]

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Best Revenue Growth for IBM After Ten Years

When the market stood at a standstill or worse, dropped entirely during the recession, we are seeking big changes now as everyone’s picking themselves up from economic downturn and these changes are all for the better. Of all the businesses doing their best to rise up, the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) has made the […]

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Brisbane prepares for the worst as record floods imminent

Recent floods that created havoc in parts of Australian state Queensland and ran a path of destruction in scenes described by witnesses as an “inland tsunami”, are now on the brink of causing major damage to Brisbane CBD and some of its low lying suburbs. Queenslanders are bracing for the calamity as the state capital […]

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