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Louisiana, Mississippi Suffering From Amazing Floods

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said heavy rains along the Gulf Coast have led to unprecedented flooding in certain areas of the state. Two lives have been lost to date. The National Weather Service has extended its flash flood warning for Louisiana and issued flood watches for areas in eastern Texas. Flood watches and warnings […]

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Young Boy Attempts To Sell Stuffed Dog For Money; Hadn’t Eaten In Days

A 7-year-old Ohio boy was trying to sell his toy dog in an effort to attain money to buy food. That’s the word from Franklin police. According to Steve Dunham, a Franklin police officer, a concerned citizen came to the police station to tell them about the boy on Aug. 7. The man said the […]

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Hydrogen Peroxide To Blame For Green Rio Swimming Pools

Olympic officials finally gave a definitive reason as to why the water in two of its competition pools turned green. According to officials, on Aug. 5, someone accidentally added 160 liters of hydrogen peroxide, which neutralized the chlorine and let organic compounds grow including algae. Saturday, the diving pool water still had a murky bottle […]

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Google Will Roll Out Warnings Messages In Gmail Program

Google has taken steps to increase the security of its email program Gmail, by rolling warnings out to users if a message has malicious links or is not authenticated. It doesn’t matter if it is through Android or web, users who get an unauthenticated message – a message that can’t be authenticated by DKIM or […]

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Pennsylvania Implements 6% Sales Tax On Subscription Services and Digital Downloads

Pennsylvania is the first state to extend a six percent sales tax to subscriptions services such as Hulu and Netflix, and digital downloads. The tax is often regarded as the Netflix tax, but the fee applies to streaming and downloads of apps, music and e-books. The exemption to this tax are digital versions of the […]

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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Windows 10 Mobile Users Will Need To Wait

Windows 10

Microsoft has released its highly-anticipated for Windows 10 Anniversary Update (AU), but Windows phone users still have to wait. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update offers an array of updates to features people use on a daily basis. The AU is a standard update; users don’t have to do anything to get it. Their computer will […]

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Brazilian Health Officials: Zika Isn’t As Concerning As Once Was

Zika virus

Brazilian health officials claim the chance for Zika virus infections at the Olympic Games in Rio is low. The word comes five days before the first Games are set to start in the South American city. Daniel Soranz, health secretary for Rio de Janeiro, said Zika shouldn’t stop folks from traveling to the country, as […]

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Aetna Decides To Opt Out Of Obamacare Program

Aetna has reconsidered the choice of participating in Obamacare, the latest large insurer to cast dispersions of the future of individual exchanges. Aetna said it would cancel plans to increase its expansion efforts into more states, and reevaluate being involved in the 15 states it currently offers coverage. The company said it believes it’ll lose […]

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