Google Will Roll Out Warnings Messages In Gmail Program

Google has taken steps to increase the security of its email program Gmail, by rolling warnings out to users if a message has malicious links or is not authenticated.

It doesn’t matter if it is through Android or web, users who get an unauthenticated message – a message that can’t be authenticated by DKIM or Sender Policy Framework (SPF), a question mark will be placed near the sender’s profile photo, avatar or corporate logo.

Users who get a message on the web that has a link to a harmful site – a site known for malware, phishing or anything else dangerous, the Gmail program will issue a pop-up warning if the user clicks on the link.

According to the company, the warnings are a part of the Safe Browsing protection that’s already available to some web browsers. While not all affected email is dangerous, users are encouraged to be vigilant about click on links and replying to messages they’re unsure of. With these updates, users will have the tools they need to make an informed decision.

The company will start rolling the update out in the next couple of weeks, making sure to include all users in the rollout.

The newest improvement will protect users from phishing, malware and ransomware encryption, deceptive software and more. The Safe Browsing Alerts will include warnings about deceptive messages and embedded content for administrators regarding malicious and undesirable software.

Google will be using DMARC, saying Gmail will be following a strict DMARC policy. The idea is to stop cyber-criminals from hacking into users’ accounts, using a different server to spoof messages from a hacked user to their contacts. This is being done to keep malware and phishing attempts from spreading.

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