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iPhone vs. Google Pixel: 5 Reasons To Consider The iPhone For Your Next Smartphone

Google Pixel Vs Apple iPhone

When it comes to phones, people often wonder what smartphone is better than the other. Many people love the Google Pixel, and for good reasons. However, the iPhone has a plethora of perks that outshines the Google Pixel. Apple World There are so many features in the Apple world that make it easy to get […]

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11 Non-OPEC Countries Agree To Less Than 600,000 Oil Barrel Production Cut

oil barrels

OPEC has managed to sway 11 non-members to reduce their oil production in an effort to decrease the worldwide oil glut and raise prices that have hurt the Saudi Arabian and Russian governments. According to officials, non-members agreed to reduce the barrels by 558,000 for six months beginning Jan. 1. The deal can be renewed […]

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Russia Commits $30M To Construction Of Acrobatic Rock’N’Roll Complex

Russia is going to build a $30 million center for Acrobatic Rock’N’Roll, which is the offbeat sport that President Vladimir Putin’s daughter competes in. 30-year-old Katerina Tikhonova is the Russian president’s youngest daughter. She and Dmitry Alekseev, her dance partner, are noted as being the sixth-best rock’n’rollers in Russia; 11th best in the world. Tikhonova […]

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Google Looks To Abandon Flash With Release Of Chrome 55

Adobe Flash is slowly but surely dying with Google updating Chrome to ensure the browser users HTML5 over Flash for the majority of websites. The latest update will be available for Windows, MacOS and Linux computers. The update called Chrome 55 is currently, and has been, in testing through the beta channel. Google is confident […]

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Best Credit Cards To Travel With In 2017

Besides being convenient, it’s much safer to travel with a credit card. However, with so many credit cards to choose from, how does one know which credit cards are best to use for traveling? With a credit card, you don’t have to worry about carrying cash with you. And, there’s no reason to feel apprehension […]

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U.S. Healthcare Spending Hits $3.2 Trillion


The U.S. increased its total health care spending last year, hitting $3.2 trillion – the fastest rate since the recession in 2008. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, this is an average of close to $10,000 per person. The increase is attributed to the rise of Americans having health insurance, either through […]

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Nation’s Regulators Issue Warning To AT&T, Verizon Over Zero-Rating Policy

U.S. regulators have singled out both Verizon and AT&T for allowing their video apps to be used without hitting their data caps on their customers’ phones and tablets. This may not change anything in the way the wireless carriers work, but agency leaders that incoming president Donald Trump appoints could look favorably on these practices. […]

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