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Kissing Bug Disease Far Deadlier Than Originally Thought

It was once believed that the Kissing Bug was a harmless insect, but new studies show that it can pack a deadly punch. The kissing bug gets its name for biting the faces and lips of people while sleeping. It turns out these kisses can be fatal. After they pierce the skin, the bug excretes […]

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WanaWiki Tool Can Combat WannaCry Virus

If your Windows 7 or XP PC was infected with WannaCry ransomware, there’s a bit of a silver lining. French researchers have developed wanawiki, a software utility that can possibly unlock your computer. According to CloudVolumes and Comae founder Matt Suiche, the wanawiki tool finds the prime numbers the ransomware uses to come up with […]

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3 Mississippi Teens Face Capital Murder Charge In Death Of 6-Year-Old Kindergartener

A six-year-old Mississippi boy was brutally murdered in a car theft incident, which led to a statewide Amber Alert being issued. The three teens allegedly responsible for the crime are now facing capital murder charges. According to Mississippi State Police, D’Allen Tyreek Washington, 17, Dwan Diondro Wakefield, 17, and Byron McBride, 19, allegedly stole the […]

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North Korea Launches Yet Another Missile, Defying UN Sanctions

According to the Office of Joint Chiefs of Staff in South Korea, North Korea launched yet another rocket Sunday afternoon. Last week, North Korea tested a new type of missile, which the state claimed could hold a large nuclear warhead in it. On Monday, the UN Security Council demanded, once more, that Pyongyang avoids any […]

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