North Korea Launches Yet Another Missile, Defying UN Sanctions

According to the Office of Joint Chiefs of Staff in South Korea, North Korea launched yet another rocket Sunday afternoon.

Last week, North Korea tested a new type of missile, which the state claimed could hold a large nuclear warhead in it.

On Monday, the UN Security Council demanded, once more, that Pyongyang avoids any additional tests of the like. The Council stressed to North Korea that it needs to show a “sincere commitment to denuclearization” by way of concrete action.

The Office of Joint Chiefs of Staff said North Korea’s latest “ballistic” missile flew for roughly 500km (or 310 miles). The missile last week flew for 700km.

North Korea is said to be developing nuclear weapons (conducting five tests so far) as well as missiles to carry the nuclear weapons to their intended target. The UN has put sanctions into place, and the country is defying them.

According to South Korea officials, the Sunday test was carried out in the western area of the country in the Pukchang location. Last month, North Korea officials fired a missile from there that exploded shortly after take-off.

The North’s state-run media said missile launching would continue until its weapons are capable of hitting the U.S.

The recently-installed South Korean President Moon Jae-in has assembled an immediate meeting with his national security council. According to a statement, the military is closely watching what North Korea does and is ready to strike if necessary.

The latest missile launch is the second to take place since Moon Jae-in was put in office.

According to experts, North Korea could create a missile that reaches targets as far away as Alaska or Hawaii. Since President Donald Trump has taken office Jan. 20, North Korea has had 10 missile launches on seven different instances.

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