Pentagon Metro Entrance Attacks Leaves Officer, Assailant Dead

A Pentagon police officer was killed Aug.3 after being stabbed multiple times by an assailant who police later shot and killed.

The Pentagon went into lockdown for an hour after multiple shots were fired nearby.

According to the Pentagon Force Protection Agency Police Chief Woodrow Kusse, the incident is still being investigated. Kusse said several injuries occurred due to the incident but did not acknowledge the officer’s death.

When the attack started outside the Pentagon metro entrance, the officer began firing at the assailant. It’s not known which officer is responsible for the assailant’s death.

Kusse said no other suspects are being sought after, saying the scene is secure and there is no longer a threat to the community.

The FBI is looking into possible motives for the attack, but have not revealed what they have learned. The FBI Washington Field Office said by statement it would be premature to guess what the possible motive was and would not be sharing details for some time. The statement echoed Kusse’s statement that no additional threats were stemming from this incident.

Virginia Democrat Sen. Mark Warner said on Twitter he was upset to hear about the Pentagon’s police offer’s death in a ridiculous act of violence. He gave his condolences to the officer’s family and friends along with the Pentagon police community.

The shooting took place on the Pentagon Transit Center metro bus platform, just a few steps from the Pentagon building. As it was going on, the Pentagon Force Protection Agency announced via Twitter that the metro rail entrance and bus platform were off-limits to the public.

Kusse said the metro station is regarded as a highly busy transportation system, a hub for consumers and building occupants. Currently, the Pentagon traffic is being rerouted to Pentagon City.

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