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Wall Street: Clear Skies Ahead for the US Economy

Wall Street has promising predictions for the market as they see clearer skies ahead and another week of gains – the fourth consecutive to be exact. This predication was based on the stock index performance that set out a good start at the beginning of the holiday season. As of the month of December, stocks […]

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Holiday Spending Still Up as Christmas Draws Near

It is a season to be jolly indeed, especially for the clothing and furniture business – the very industries that Americans are spending on the most for this Holiday season. This is according to the Master Card Adviser Spending Pulse, an organization which tracks spending across the United States including credit and cash spending. But […]

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Chrysler and GM to Hire 1,000 Engineers and Researchers

Things are starting to look great for Chrysler and General Motors and for the country’s employment industry as two of the companies are announcing their move to hire 1,000 engineers and researchers. The two automobile companies have almost died the past year and was a subject to several government bailouts. But the hiring’s are now […]

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Manchester United Kids Learned a Valuable Lesson from their 0-4 Loss


The Manchester kids have officially lost straight with a 0-4 performance against West Ham United. According to Sir Alex Ferguson, his kids have learned a big lesson but will definitely pull through it. With several past losses, his kids according to him have practiced learning from past mistakes and play again. Ferguson was reported to […]

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One Third of HIV Cases Still Diagnosed Late in Spite of the Numbers of Screenings in the US


In spite of the numerous numbers of people that are now being tested for HIV in the United States, there is still an alarming number of the population who are unaware of their HIV status. It is estimated that there are over 200,000 infected people who do not know that they are infected with the […]

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