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Over 60 People Test Positive For Diseases In Tulsa Dentist Scandal

Tulsa health officials have told 60 people that they have tested positive for either hepatitis B or C after they were exposed to it during a visit to a dentist office.  Three were told they have hepatitis B; 57 were told they have hepatitis C. W. Scott Harrington’s patients – approximately 7,000 – were informed […]

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Honda Issues Another Recall For 200,000 Vehicles Around The Globe

Honda, a Japan-based vehicle manufacturer will recall more than 200,000 vehicles around the world because of problems with the shift-interlock apparatus. The recall affects 59,000 units of Honda’s Odyssey minivans – 2012 and 2013; 128,000 units of the Honda CR-V SUVs – 2012 and 2013; and 17,500 units of the Acura RDX models – 2013. […]

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Google Warns Google Glass Users Not To Sell or Loan Eyewear

Google has warned people not to sell or loan out their $1,500 Google Glasses, if they have been believed worthy to own a pair. According to the terms of service on the limited-edition eyewear, “you may not resell, loan, transfer, or give your device to any other person. If you resell, loan, transfer, or give […]

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Boston Authorities Shut Down Transportation Amid Search For Second Suspect, Residents Should Stay Inside Their Homes

Boston’s public transportation has been shut down Friday morning and approximately 400,000 people are asked to stay in their homes, lock the doors and stay away from their windows. Police are actively looking for the second suspect thought to have been involved in Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings. The other suspect had been shot, was taken […]

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Officials: 1 Boston Marathon Suspect Dead, Second Suspect Remains At Large After Deadly Shootout

A day after authorities released their pictures to the media and public for their possible role in the Boston marathon bombing, one of the two suspects is dead after a deadly standoff with police in a quiet residential community, west of Boston.  An officer also died during this standoff and the second suspect is still […]

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Report: Blackstone Backs Out Of Bid For Dell

According to a Reuters report, Blackstone Group LP, a private equity firm out of New York, has removed its bid for Dell, which is trying to become a private company. Blackstone’s move leaves the door open for chief executive and founder Michael Dell, who is uniting with Silver Lake, to attain the company for $24.4 […]

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35 Killed, 100+ Injured In Large Explosion At Texas Fertilizer Plant

A large explosion at Texas fertilizer plant Wednesday evening in West, which has killed 35 people and injured more than 160, has rescuers going door to door in decimated communities – four blocks (approximately 75 buildings) – searching for survivors, looking under beds and in closets. 10 of those killed were the first responders – […]

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Miss. Ricin-Letter Suspect Arrested In Mississippi

The Federal Bureau of Investigations arrested a Tupelo, Miss. man for his connection to the ricin letters that were sent to several lawmakers and President Barack Obama. Paul Kevin Curtis, 45, is thought to be responsible for mailing three letters – one to Obama, another to Miss. Rep. Sen. Roger Wicker and a Mississippi justice […]

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3 People Dead, Scores Injured In Boston Marathon Bombing

3 people have died and more than 150 people were injured when two strong bombs were detonated near the beloved Boston Marathon’s finish line on Apr. 15. What should have been a cheerful, sweaty time turned into time of bloody carnage, screams and even death. According to officials, of the 23,000 runners in this year’s […]

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WordPress and Joomla Experiencing Significant Number Of Botnet attacks

Any person using WordPress and/or Joomla should tighten the security around their accounts, as the hosting provides have noticed a triple increase in the number of brute force attacks. According to The Next Web report, these attacks, which are being done with botnets, are slowing down or causing the accounts to become unavailable. The report […]

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