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Nintendo To Eliminate Several Wii Services and Channels Come June

Come June 2013, Nintendo will delete some of the original Wii network services and channels due to their unpopularity. On June 28, several Wii services and apps will cease working because of their low participation rate, including the following: – Check Mii Out Channel – Everybody Votes Channel – Forecast Channel – Nintendo Channel – […]

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Google Launches Inactive Account Manager To Handle Users’ Digital Data After Death


Google has a new service that is assisting users to create an Internet will that lays out what happens to their information after they have died – either passing the information on to their loved ones (digital inheritance) or deleting it entirely. Google’s Inactive Account Manager allows its users to pick people they trust to […]

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LinkedIn Buys Pulse For $90M To Boost Mobile Content Exposure

Professional social networking site LinkedIn is purchasing Pulse, a mobile news reader, for $90 million in an effort to assist the website to increase its mobile standing in content distribution for users. 10 percent of $90 million will come in the form of cash while the other 90 percent will be paid for in stock. […]

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Taco Bell Looks To Bring Healthy Menu Options… By 2020

Popular Tex-Mex food chain Taco Bell will be making some changes to its menu so that it includes healthier options for their health-conscious consumers. The franchise made the announcement Apr. 11 that it was currently working on an assortment of food choices that resemble balanced pickings. According to the company’s CEO Greg Creed, Taco Bell […]

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Study: Increase In Health Insurance Premiums Dissuade Employees and Employers From Getting and Offering Coverage

heath expense

A Robert Wood Johnson Foundation report showed a more than double increase in health insurance premiums led to employers dropping coverage and kept employees from getting any kind of coverage. According to the study, in 2011, 60 percent of New Jersey’s private employers offered health coverage to their employees – this was a four percent […]

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Potentially Serious Airbag Recall Affects Popular Vehicle Manufacturers

Popular vehicle manufacturers – Honda, Nissan and Toyota – are recalling over three million vehicles around the world for a problem with their passenger-side airbags that could burst, which would send plastic fragments airborne. About 1.7 million Toyota vehicles are being recalled; 580,000 of these are in North America. 1.1 million Honda vehicles are affected, […]

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Microsoft Urges Businesses To Upgrade from Windows XP to OS 7 or OS 8

With less than a year left before Microsoft ends all Windows XP operating software support, Microsoft is telling businesses using the 10-year-old OS to upgrade their computers to Windows 7 or 8. Office 2003 support was recently cut. The company cited numerous reasons for the software upgrade such as no technical support should something go […]

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3 Popular Baby Food Companies Head To Court Over Lead Concerns

Popular baby food companies – Gerber, Del Monte and Dole – are headed to court next week to determine if the lead levels in their products warrant warning labels for consumers. The Environmental Law Foundation, in its 2011 lawsuit, alleges some of the foods and juices –peaches, pears, carrots and sweet potatoes – these companies […]

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Red Meat Chemical Carnatine Can Increase Possibility Of High Cholesterol Levels and Heart Disease

raw meat

Carnatine, a chemical found commonly in red meat, is responsible for the increased risk of heart disease and high cholesterol levels. According to the U.S. scientists in a study published in the Nature Medicine journal, the carnitine is broken up by the gut’s bacteria. So, too much eating of bacon, mince and steak and consumption […]

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Rumor: Google In Talks To Purchase Cross Platform Messaging Application WhatsApp

Google is reportedly in talks with WhatsApp to acquire the popular cross-platform messaging application. That’s according to the latest Digital Trend report. According to the report, the two companies have been talking for about five weeks. A source close to the negotiations said WhatsApp is playing hardball, increasing the acquisition price to close to $1 […]

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