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Prostate Cancer – Have We Cracked The Code?

cancer cells

In a medical breakthrough that is shocking the world, news comes from the Royal Marsden Hospital in London that a powerful drug has proven itself so successful in treating prostate cancer that trials which normally take years have been stopped and the treatment will be available for men around the world. News has spread like […]

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“Our Queen” – A Revealing Account of the Royal Family

A new book titled “Our Queen” is being serialized on the Daily Mail’s website and the book is the work of the newspaper’s own Robert Hardman who got an in-depth privileged access to Queen Elizabeth II and the way Britain’s royal family works. What’s important here is that this family has been bringing together not […]

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England’s Exceptional Year Capped by ICC Awards

England’s emergence as cricketing power on the field was evident at the recently announced ICC awards as their leading batsmen Jonathan Trott and Alistair Cook were both rewarded for their consistency. The awards were based on the performance period of August 11, 2010 – August 3, 2011, a period in which England’s fortunes turned for […]

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Windows Still Key to Microsoft’s Growth

tablet with windows 8

In his analysts meeting address on Wednesday, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer gave an assurance that Windows still remain the company’s financial foundation, this despite the fact that Microsoft is experiencing a slow-down in personal computer sales. The announcement also came amidst fears about the company’s operating system’s ability to find a stronghold in a new evolving […]

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