“Our Queen” – A Revealing Account of the Royal Family

A new book titled “Our Queen” is being serialized on the Daily Mail’s website and the book is the work of the newspaper’s own Robert Hardman who got an in-depth privileged access to Queen Elizabeth II and the way Britain’s royal family works.

What’s important here is that this family has been bringing together not only itself but fellow British and others of the United Kingdom.  Not only that but the Americans, the majority of whom are of English descent have been rubbernecking themselves at the latest turns in Royal doings.  Perhaps as a way to reconnect to the past in the face of the economic and trying days of today.

Hardman’s book is going to be a must read for anyone interested in the British Royal Family as well as the way the UK is handling and will be handling the future of its holdings across the world.  Natural disasters, political unrest, and terrorism have all taken their stride against the UK and as usual the people there are fighting back and holding their own.  A look into the leading family affords kin and countrymen a chance to see a reflection in themselves and perhaps a unifying factor that hasn’t existed in the kingdom since the days of WWII.

Times are challenging at present and there is no clear path as to which direction survival or failure may come.  However, with their backs against the wall, the British will prevail as they’ve done in the past.  Hence the focus on family is far more important today than ever.  Not only for the Royals but for the common person as well.  Teamwork is what is going to be called for if the world is to survive the present crises and having a book focus on family relationships with the Royals is going to allow for others to see them as a family with many of the same problems and successes as everyone else.

Luckily all are alive and well and with the wedding of Prince William and his wife Kate, new blood has been pumped into the Royal spotlight and a greater sense of well being is felt overall.  Old rivalries and hatreds seem to be diminishing as the UK is digging its heels into the ground to prepare for any further adversary either man made or from Mother Nature herself.  Talk of William and Kate expecting a bundle of joy will resound through the UK as well as their allies as it shows an expansion, family values that are in great need today as never before.

The Queen and her sons and daughters, grandchildren and their spouses seem to be holding up quite well and setting an example for other families that face the trials and tribulations of today’s world.  Still charitable, the Royals appear to be spending an extra amount of time helping others, setting an example of compassion and sacrifice which the global community should follow in step.  Perhaps the Royals know something we don’t?

In the early chapter of Hardman’s book he focuses on the relationship with Queen Elizabeth II and her grandson William.  The two look like old chums and it’s good a young man still has his grandmother to call on for advice, wisdom, and guidance.  Hardman’s excerpt shows a young man who admires and dotes over his grandma much like everyone else.

A good sign for sure.

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