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U.S. Drone Killers Are Scary

The United States has sure put the fear of technology in terrorists around the globe utilizing their drone robotic weapons and it might be the first wave of how warfare is done in the future. The drones come in several configurations and are basically remote controlled devices that fly, hover and then then unleash weapons […]

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Netflix Got A Beatdown

Netflix, the most popular video rental and streaming company in the US just got a cold slap in the face as almost a million of its members canceled their subscriptions due to the company’s higher rates. It was long in coming as Netflix had been getting on people’s nerves and bad side all year.  They […]

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Occupy Protests Continue

The world is watching as the Occupy Wall Street movement continues to swell in size and influence. At first people thought it was a passing fad but when the media got caught not paying attention to the movement it sparked the interest of the public who were seeing the protesters on a daily basis but […]

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U.S. Military Facing a Battle Unlike Any Other

Like something out of a science fiction movie, the U.S. Military has been battling not only terrorists but also a new modern age menace, computer viruses hitting their high tech drone fleet. The drones, used for surveillance and delivering fatal blows to terrorist masterminds like done recently with  Anwar Alawaki who was hiding out in […]

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American Home Ownership at its Lowest Ebb Since Great Depression

real estate bubble

More bad news has hit the American homeowners agenda as it was revealed that home ownership has dropped to the lowest point in decades, down to 65.1 percent. That’s the lowest since the Great Depression. With millions out of work and no end in sight to the economic turmoil around the globe, the people of […]

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