U.S. Drone Killers Are Scary

The United States has sure put the fear of technology in terrorists around the globe utilizing their drone robotic weapons and it might be the first wave of how warfare is done in the future.

The drones come in several configurations and are basically remote controlled devices that fly, hover and then then unleash weapons on the enemy.  These devices can be quite stealthy and extremely lethal.  So far they’ve not only gotten intelligence on the whereabouts of enemy targets so that ground troops can launch a rescue or assault.  High profile targets such as Al Qaeda leaders and taking out convoys such as with the low demised Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi.

The drone program can only expand and accelerate in efficiency as computer memory and other technologies advance and the US military gets more practice.  This may be a leap in robotic warfare that reminds one of the days of science fiction where robots did the battle and humans were relatively safe from harm.

This past year we’ve seen two movies where robots did the fighting, Transformers 3, and Real Steel.  Although made up of Hollywood magic, the movies do inspire progress and the US has proven it’s got the top of the line in robotic warfare.

Will this expand to police operations or just remain in the top secret realm.  The world is waiting to find out what will happen next and now that news comes out that more regions are being acquired to house and deliver drone technologies, the bad guys had better be on their toes as they’ll not know when and where the next strike will occur.

The drone strikes save tons of money.  Instead of sending out men and materiel to engage the enemy, the drones fire their missiles or whatever weapons they have and take out enemies and structures with the proverbial pinpoint accuracy.  Soon the remaining enemy forces, including drug runners, pirates and more will be looking to the skies in abject terror not knowing what will come out of the skies or the seas or even emerging from the ground loaded with weapons waiting to strike.

The US and its allies need to cut costs and drones and other robots might be the key.  With less men and materiel in use would mean less injuries and deaths.  Should they amass a fleet of such drones armed to the teeth that could strike within minutes from any point on Earth, it would make the US so feared that enemies would think twice about engaging in any activities.

Time will only tell what happens next but it’s a good bet that this won’t be the last time robots do the deadly work.

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