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Growing Fears about Recession Causes World Stocks to Fall

stock fall

Global stocks slid down again on Friday with the growing fear that another US recession is about to happen.  There doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel when there are also ongoing worries about Europe’s debt crisis.  This is also fueling acute fears spreading through Europe’s banking sector.  Worries over […]

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New Invention The Last Straw in the Fight Against Date Rape Crime

drink and straw

When it comes to new inventions in the fight against crime, scientists have come up with a straw that detects date rape drugs. Date rape drugs are drugs that render a person unconscious thereby allowing other people to take advantage of them.  This straw which is actually a sensor that is straw shaped can identify […]

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More Images of The Avengers Emerge as the Plot Thickens

On the heels of his summer hit movie, “Captain America: The First Avenger” comes photos from the upcoming movie featuring the star spangled hero in the upcoming movie “The Avengers”. Captain America is a comic book character created by Jack “King” Kirby and his partner Joe Simon in the early 1940s.  He went on to […]

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Designer of the PC says it’s obsolete

You might not believe it but you may be soon seeing the PC aka personal computer, on its way out according to the designer of the pc over 30 years ago. Dr. Mark Dean one of the top designers of the IBM PC which started with his IBM 5150 way back in August 1981 has […]

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Bachman and Paul top IOWA polls

In a surprising upset on the political front in the US, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann took the lead in the Iowa Straw Poll which is an indicator of political front runners for the Oval Office. Another major upset was that fellow Tea Party advocate, Senator Dr. Ron Paul of Texas came in a very close […]

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Might we have a case of sibling rivalry amongst the Zuckerberg clan?

facebook social network

It looks like a case of sibling rivalry as the sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly handed in her resignation in order to start her own social networking empire. Randi Zuckerberg is going on to expand her new company called RtoZ Media.  Ms. Zuckerberg is recognized by Facebook and the social networking and […]

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Google+ vs Facebook Battle May be What Industry Needs

social network

It’s only been out for a few weeks but already Google+ is hauling in users at a reported rate of one million users everyday! The new twist on social networking has speculators, investors, industry analysts and surfers rubbernecking to see what Google is going to do with this new social networking and video conferencing goodie.  […]

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Diminishing US Rural Population – Impact could be Significant

population trends

America used to be a country with the majority of its population in rural or farm areas but if the 2010 US census is of any indication, rural areas are in decline since the 1950s to such an extent that the municipalities there are in ever growing danger. The danger is in regard to the […]

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