Bachman and Paul top IOWA polls

In a surprising upset on the political front in the US, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann took the lead in the Iowa Straw Poll which is an indicator of political front runners for the Oval Office.

Another major upset was that fellow Tea Party advocate, Senator Dr. Ron Paul of Texas came in a very close second.  Both Tea Party advocates beat the other Republican politicians by great leads causing total chaos amongst the Republican ranks.  The Iowa Straw Poll is a traditional poll that doesn’t always forecast the final winners but it is a strong indicator of how the country feels about specific candidates.  It’s more of a litmus test and from this, campaign fundraising contributions are determined.

The other big news was that Texas Governor Rick Perry announced his candidacy for the 2012 presidential race.  He had been expected to do so and his announcing it during the morning of the Straw Poll might have been his intention to upstage the Straw Poll but it didn’t work.  The headlines of the political day turned out that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Rep. Dr. Ron Paul came out ahead in the early political poll.  Networks scrambled to try to put together what was going on.  Entire infrastructures and traditional political houses were shaken during the upheaval.  This turn in American politics says much and points to a political battle the likes of which has never been seen before.  As the rest of the year and early 2012 open up, the new Republican leaders who are in the Tea Party will have to keep up their momentum and stave off attacks from traditional Republicans like Rick Perry.  The new wave of popularity for the Tea Party candidates is an echo back to the original reasons why the US was formed in the first place.

This Straw Poll result sent the mainstream press in a tailspin.  Some networks like CBS tried to make the big news of the day the Gov. Perry announcement.  However, by the end of the day the other news outlets were pouring over Bachman and Paul.  No word from the Democrats especially the Obama Camp as they’re preparing for any contingency to keep Obama in prime form for the contests to come.

Since the contest happened on the weekend the media and public will have to see if it has affected any markets.  The stock market has taken some scary turns up and down all the previous week and investors are on edge to find out what will happen next.  The coming weeks and months will find political analysts pouring over every change in the spectrum to make sure they know which direction the public is going.  So far the Tea Partyers have disrupted two major political events.  First they held out during the budget battle that almost sent the US into its first default but at the last minute got what they wanted.  That brought them much notice and then with this double victory in Iowa as well as the follow up commentary on blogs and websites worldwide has turned the political world on its ear.

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  1. Ron Will WIN!!!

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