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Mississippi, Alabama Suffers Deadly Tornado Outbreak Monday; More Severe Weather On The Way

Tornadoes, which have hit Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Tennessee, have left more than 30 people dead and done millions of dollars in damage. And, the threat for tornadoes isn’t over just yet. On Monday, seven people were reported as killed in Mississippi. Six were reported dead in Alabama – although only two were […]

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IE Users Urgently Advised To Switch Browsers Until Security Repair Is Made

Windows Explorer users are being urged by government security response teams to use Firefox or Chrome as the default browser until a new security fix from Microsoft is in place for the new flaw that has affected every Internet Explorer version. Computer emergency response teams throughout the world – Sweden, United Kingdom and United States […]

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ALERT: 3-Day Severe Weather Tornado Outbreak Possible For Tornado Alley and Surrounding Regions


It looks as if the United States’ tornado drought is coming to an end as early as this weekend. A powerful storm system is set to move into the Plains and work its way slowly toward the Mississippi River Valley. The system is set to spawn a multi-day severe weather outbreak, with tornado-capable thunderstorms, Saturday, […]

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Facebook Is Acquiring Fitness Tracking App Moves For Undisclosed Amount

Facebook is making a move on “Moves”, a fitness tracking app produced by Finland-based ProtoGeo. According to the popular social network, it’s in the process of attaining ProtoGeo, a Helsinki-based company, that has created the Android and iOS activity tracking app known as Moves. The app works by using current technology seen in smartphones like […]

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Teen Father Arrested In Death Case Of 4-Month Of Son

A four-month old baby in Iowa is dead and his unnamed 17-year-old father is facing charges in connection with his death. The baby, who was initially adopted, had recently been returned back to the birth mother. The teenage father is charged with neglect of a dependent person after he supposedly left the apartment without the […]

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Measles and Mumps Outbreak Continues To Spread Across Ohio State

The Ohio Department of Health has urged all Ohioans to get their MMR vaccine (measles, mumps and rubella) amidst the continuous mumps spread and several alleged measles cases in Knox County. According to Columbus Public Health and ODH, the number of people who have confirmed mumps cases is nearing 280 – 12 counties in Ohio […]

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4th Graders Sell Marijuana On School Grounds, Stole It From Grandparents

A number of fourth-graders at an elementary Colorado school were accused of trading and selling marijuana on school grounds. Greeley School’s safety director John Gates said the matter is beyond baffling. Gates said there’s always something going on at the school but selling and trading marijuana ranks high up. After all, it’s one of the […]

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Kraft Issues Recall Of Its Classic and Classic Cheese Oscar Mayer Wieners

kraft oscar mayer

Kraft Foods has issued a recall involving 44,000 kilograms of its Oscar Mayer wieners because of package mislabeling. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, Kraft’s Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners may actually have the “Classic Cheese Dogs” product inside them, a concern because of the milk inside the cheese, which […]

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HealthCare.Gov Users Urged To Change Passwords To Protect Themselves, No Compromise Detected

People who used the federal health care exchange websites were told they should change the passwords after the White House looked at the government’s vulnerability in regards to the Heartbleed Internet security bug. While there’s no indication the HealthCare.gov website was compromised, the action of advising people was out sheer caution. According to officials, the […]

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Miley Cyrus Demands Rumor Mill Stop Making Up Stories, Singer Cancels More Concerts

Singer Miley Cyrus, who remains in the hospital, cancelled more of her concert shows after she suffered a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics she was taking. The shows are a part of her Bangerz tour. Cyrus has been in the hospital since Tuesday. The 21-year-old singer did not play in Nashville on Friday, and she […]

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