Teen Father Arrested In Death Case Of 4-Month Of Son

A four-month old baby in Iowa is dead and his unnamed 17-year-old father is facing charges in connection with his death. The baby, who was initially adopted, had recently been returned back to the birth mother.

The teenage father is charged with neglect of a dependent person after he supposedly left the apartment without the baby.  The boy was not responsive when found and a local hospital pronounced him dead.

Adoptive parents Heidi and Rachel McFarland from Ankeny cared for the baby until mid-March when, suddenly, the mother changed her mind and wanted him back.

Rachel said she cut his umbilical cord and brought him home from the hospital. She said the couple learned of their son’s death from the news.  She said it was like he was taken away all over again.

According to a statement to police, the birth mother said the baby was left in care of his father at the apartment while she ran errands. She came back to the apartment after a friend of hers called her about the father leaving without the child and was concerned for the infant’s safety.

Police have said additional charges may be filed. More information about the infant’s death was not released, When found, he was in a chair, a bottle beside him with white substance around his mouth.

Rachel said her wife and herself have so many questions, but are receiving a lot of support.  She said she refuses to let the parents wreck their lives. Rachel said she and her wife are just trying to put the pieces of their lives back together again.

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