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FDA Looks Into Claim That Monster Drink May Be To Blame For Five Deaths

According to reports, five deaths and a non-deadly heart attack have been “unofficially” linked to Monster Energy Drink, and the United States’ Food and Drug Administration has decided to investigate. The reports assert people have experienced negative reactions after they drank Monster Energy Drink, which can be found in 24-ounce cans with approximately 240 milligrams […]

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New York Nanny Remains In Hospital After Allegedly Killing 2 Of Employer’s Children

New York law enforcement are certain that no one else fatally stabbed two Upper West Side children except their 50-year-old nanny Yoselyn Ortega. Still, as of Saturday, Ortega has yet to be charged with a crime, and the reason isn’t because there is a lack of evidence. In fact, according to police, the deceased children’s […]

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5-Year-Old Popular Bluff Girl Survives Horrible 1-Day Ordeal With The Abductor

Police in Popular Bluff, Mo. confirm the search for a five-year-old kidnap victim and her abductor is finally over. According to police, Jeffery Shelton, 46, of Popular Bluff was taken into custody in Southern Butler County, near intersections Highway 160 and Highway 67. With him, was his victim, Abigail Bertholf, who was reported missing by […]

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Zynga Announces Plans To Reduce Workforce and Cut 13 Games

Game developer Zynga recently announced its plans on cutting five percent of its workforce. Founder Mark Pincus sent an email to his staff saying the company was closing its Boston studio and thinking about closing studios in Japan and the UK. He wrote the decision was an effort to reduce costs. Zynga is the creator […]

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Relief At The Pump; Less Pinch Being Placed On Wallets


As the summer driving season is coming to a close, more people are feeling relief at the pump and in their pocketbook. However, the rate at which gas prices are falling is pretty dramatic and noticeable. The national average is around $3.65 a gallon, down 12 cents from last week. According to the fuel gauge […]

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Sad Ending: 12 Year Old Body Found In Recycle Bin, Two Teenagers Charged With Murder

Authorities have confirmed that the body found inside a Clayton recycling container is, in fact, the missing New Jersey girl Autumn Pasquale. And, two teenager brothers have been charged with her murder. Sean Dalton, Gloucester County prosecutor, said Pasquale’s body was found in a bin near her home about 10 p.m. Monday. It was located […]

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Shocking High School Skit “Pokes Fun” At Racial and Sensitive

Three of New York’s Waverly High School students opted to re-enact the 2009 Rihanna and Chris Brown’s domestic abuse during a pep rally. Even more shocking than that, two of the three students painted their faces and bodies black. But, this isn’t the first blackface show at the New York high school. Last year, a […]

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Bangladeshi National Arrested In New York Bomb Plot

A Bangladeshi national was recently arrested in a lower Manhattan hotel room suspected of his role in plotting to blow up the New York Federal Building. According to Federal Bureau of Investigation officials, Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis was arrested after he tried to repeatedly use a cell phone to set off material he thought […]

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Escalona Gets 99 Years Behind Bars For Super Gluing Daughter’s Hands To Wall

A 23-year-old Dallas mother was recently sentenced to 99 years behind bars for beating and super gluing her two-year-old daughter’s hands to a wall. Elizabeth Escalona entered a guilty plea in July to the charge of felony injury to a child – after her other children told police that their mother hit Jocelyn with a […]

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Shooting Occurs At Denver Obama Campaign Office, No Injuries

Denver police are on the search for a shooting suspect who fired a round into campaign office of President Barack Obama. According to Raquel Lopez, a police spokesman, the shooting happened on Friday afternoon when people were still in the building. Nobody was injured in the incident. Lopez said investigators are reviewing some surveillance video […]

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