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Oil Prices Drop Again Amid Government Report

crude oil

Oil futures saw another drop Wednesday on a government report that shows there’s an increase in U.S. oil supplies and a record level of gas production. The U.S. is packed with oil, and record production levels are meeting the increasing imports tide. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, oil stocks saw a 7.26 million […]

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Keurig Is Recalling 7M Mini Plus Brewing Systems

After receiving nearly 200 complaints regarding its Mini Plus brewing system, Keurig has issued a recall for seven million of the device produced from 2009 to 2014. The recall, according to Keurig, is being done after users reported they were sprayed with hot liquid. The company said nearly half of the complaints were for burns […]

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Oil Prices To See Even More Tempestuous Prices

crude oil

Abdullah Badri, head of Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), said the group has not set a target oil price and urged Gulf States to continue with their exploration and production investments. Badri said the U.S. would still be relying on the Middle East for its crude oil for the next few years. He […]

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Operation Tricky and Risky: Obama Gives Authorization For Raid That Led To Luke Somers’ Death

U.S. President Barack Obama acknowledges that he gave the order to attempt the rescue of Luke Somers, a hostage in Yemen, on the basis that the photojournalist’s life was in impending danger. Before the statement from the White House, the national security chief in Yemen said militants were planning to kill the British-born Somers. The […]

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LAPD To Search Famous Hefner Pad For Evidence Against Bill Cosby In Assault Matter

The Los Angeles Police Department looks to spend some time at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion in relation to the investigation of a California woman’s complaint that comedian and actor Bill Cosby allegedly molested her in 1974 while she was visiting the famous mansion and only 15. Cops would like to speak with the estate’s employees […]

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Obama’s Sore Throat A Result Of Acid Reflux

President Barack Obama’s two-week long sore throat is the result of acid reflux, the White House said. On Saturday, the 53-year-old president visited the Bethesda, Maryland Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to undergo diagnostic tests. A Fort Belvoir Medical Center ear, nose and throat doctor performed a fiber optic exam. Upon recommendation of the […]

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