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Violent Video Games Can Cause the Macbeth Effect


Inexperienced players of violent games are more likely “to want to wash away their sins.” That is to say that they are faster than the average person to purchase hygienic products. The phenomenon is known as the Macbeth-effect. Researchers from the University of Luxembourg recruited a group of gamers that consisted of both experienced and […]

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Virgin Galactic to Collaborate with Planetary Resources


Planetary Resources, a start-up that searches and eventually mines precious materials in space has announced a partnership with Virgin Galactic space organization. This cooperation should increase the number of rocket launches. Planetary Resources plan to track and eventually mine asteroids close to space. First of all, they plan to use LauncherOne to launch space telescopes. […]

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Impressive Start For Google Nexus

tablet pc

Google’s first attempt to enter the tablet market is off to a flying start with retail stores across the country running out of the Google Nexus and having to have more shipped in. Google which is better known for its search engine and android operating system has traditionally not developed hardware and allowed others to […]

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User Backlash Prompts Apple To Rejoin EPEAT

Apple has once again joined the EPEAT Green registry after it quit the program last week. They published a letter on their website which said the decision to leave the programme was a mistake and that it had realised this after so many of its customers complained. The reversal of the decision comes after San […]

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Digg Sells For a Disappointing $500,000 – Buyer Hopes For Revival

The once popular website Digg has sold for $500,000 an amount far less than the $160 million it was once valued at. Digg was a pioneering social networking site which allowed users to share news stories and other interesting pieces of information however it was beaten at its own game by Facebook, Twitter and in […]

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Facebook Scans To Help Alert Police Of Criminal Activities


According to a Reuters report Facebook is scanning updates and chat logs for suspicious activity. The report goes on to say that when suspicious activity was found police could be notified if Facebook believed what was being said was serious enough. The technology scans chat logs and messages for certain keywords and phrases that may […]

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More Do It Yourself – A Welcome Trend


It’s called DIY or Do It Yourself and nowadays DIY is the way to go for savings and education. Just a look around on the web will find that there are so many tutorials about DIY that you could probably build your own human being from scratch. There are articles on how to build your […]

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