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Boeing Aircraft Crashes In Rostov Region, Killing All Passengers and Crew

An aircraft carrying 62 people crashed Saturday morning, killing everybody on board. The plane, which came from Dubai, was trying to land in Russia in poor weather conditions. Russian officials said the crash does not appear to be related to terror but they are looking at whether pilot error or bad weather were the ca-use. […]

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22 Colorado Rec Patrons Sent To Hospital After Chemical Exposure

A potential chlorine gas chemical leak caused the shutdown of Lafayette’s Bob L. Burger Recreation Center and sent more than 20 people to local hospitals for treatment. Due to the possible leak, a number of agencies were called out including some as far away as Thornton and as close as Boulder and Louisville. According to […]

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Michigan Taxpayers Could Be On Hook for $2.7M For Flint Water Crisis Legal Fees

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is asking for $1.2 million in legal fees to pay defense attorneys, despite repeated calls that he resigns over the constant Flint water crisis. This is two times more than $500,000 that has been slated for the expense. On top of that, Bill Schuette, the state’s attorney general, is asking for […]

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