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Nathan Bedford Forrest Proclamation Sparks Social Media Outrage In Tennessee

Tennessee law allows governors to proclaim six dates as special observance days. So, when Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee declared July 13 as “Nathan Bedford Forrest Day,” it was met with social media backlash from local leaders and a few lawmakers. Nathan Bedford Forrest was a Confederate Army general who also traded slaves and an early […]

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Amazon Announces $700,000 Program To Invest In Its Employees

Amazon recently announced it was spending $700 million in the next six years, offering post-secondary job training for 100,000 of its 300,000 workers. The training program and subsidized education the company is offering will take place outside traditional universities and colleges thanks to the effort by spin-off providers Amazon has created. One such provider is […]

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Marijuana Cake Decorator Claims To Have Been Fired Over Incident

A Georgia woman who was asked to make a marijuana-themed cake for a customer who wanted a Moana-themed cake was fired from her Dairy Queen job. Cassandra Walker said it was the former manager who took the customer’s order and misunderstood the customer. She was given permission to make the marijuana-themed cake, and the manager […]

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