Amazon Announces $700,000 Program To Invest In Its Employees

Amazon recently announced it was spending $700 million in the next six years, offering post-secondary job training for 100,000 of its 300,000 workers. The training program and subsidized education the company is offering will take place outside traditional universities and colleges thanks to the effort by spin-off providers Amazon has created.

One such provider is Machine Learning University, which will help employees with a coding and technical background and educate them on machine learning skills. According to Amazon, machine learning is a huge role in customer innovation, and MLU will help student employees to learn the important skills that will further their career.

The program is divided into six-week modules with students participating half to one full day each week. There are over 400 Amazon machine learning researchers teaching at MLU, and willing to help people boost the necessary field skills.

Amazon also plans to expand another initiative that goes along with its $700 million project – Career Choice. The program will pay up to 95 percent of fees and tuition for a diploma or certificate in fields that are noted as high-demand (healthcare, IT, computer science, transportation, and mechanical and skilled trades.

It’s believed that some post-secondary options listed under the program are also offered at higher education schools.

The company said many Amazon locations had been retrofitted for classroom space, which would allow its employees to attend the post-secondary training. Amazon said 60 classrooms would be available for 2020. To date, there have been 25,000 employees who have gone through the training.

The company said other expansions were taking place for apprenticeship offerings and AWS training and certification for cloud computing. The program works with community colleges and other post-secondary partners.

Amazon Senior Vice President of HR Beth Galetti said some employees see themselves working for Amazon for life while others see it as a stepping stone for something bigger. She said the company wants to invest in its employees, giving them new skills, so they have more professional career options at their fingertips.

Galetti said this was the pledge Amazon made to support 100,000 of its staff to ensure they have the skills necessary for whatever they decide for their life.

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