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Three US Troops Killed by Afghan Military Imposter

us troops

Another event has occurred in Afghanistan where US troops were ambushed by opposition forces dressed in official Afghan uniforms. In this latest incident a man in an Afghan military uniform committed the act. He reportedly let loose a barrage of gunfire on troops in the Helmand province. The attack on the NATO troops is another […]

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Google Experiments with New Feature

Google is experimenting with a new features that lets its Gmail users see emails of relevance alongside their regular search results in their search engine. It’s called Gmail in personal search results and the feature is a new service and available at present for filed trial for it’s users. The user will have to sign […]

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Colorado Shooter Goes for Insanity Plea

James Holmes, the man responsible for the mass murder shooting rampage in Aurora, Colorado at a movie theater there is looking more like he’ll cop an insanity plea. Holmes who was working on his PHD entered the movie theater there with several firearms and killed and wounded dozens of people during the showing of the […]

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American learns more of the Sikh community after tragedy

The world was shocked when a gunman opened fire on innocent parishioners in Wisconsin last week. The tragedy took the lives of several members of the temple there and the gunman it was learned took his own life after shooting a police officer as well. In the aftermath of this tragic situation, Americans have now […]

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NASA Mars probe, Curiosity makes history

mars curiosity

In a nail biting adventure, NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory were cheering and crying with glee as their latest Mars probe, Curiosity landed safely on the red planet. This mission was risky. The probe is large. It’s the size of a SUV and weighs 2,000 pounds on Earth. On Mars it weighs ¼ of […]

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