Google Experiments with New Feature

Google is experimenting with a new features that lets its Gmail users see emails of relevance alongside their regular search results in their search engine.

It’s called Gmail in personal search results and the feature is a new service and available at present for filed trial for it’s users. The user will have to sign up for the Google’s Search Experiments. The daring Google user may or may not be able to participate for the new feature due to probably a first come, first served basis.

How it works is that Google offers you the option when you’re searching. On the right-hand side of the results page of a search the user will see a screen that says whom the messages are from. You can then look into the Gmail messages to see whom they’re from.

This sounds like a tantalizing feature and may well be worth it on a marketing level. The relevant displays will enable people to shop easier to find data about items and even find sales. It could well be an intricate part of the future of marketing on Google.

We can imagine an email from a large department store. It has a sale on a hot ticket item. While surfing the web for a relevant topic the Gmail appears on the right side of the screen alerting the user that there is an email about an item and it is on sale. The user clicks on the email and finds to their surprise that item available. No need to search deeper but access the item from the email.

Concerts where tickets are available but the user hasn’t seen it in their inbox yet would appear when the user is looking up their favorite musician or band. Suddenly there is an email with a link to those hard to find tickets or perhaps a discount.

Marketers who have affiliate accounts may well benefit from this as the user who might be surfing for an item or service will see the affiliate’s email pop up on the screen and instead of clicking on someone else’s affiliate code to make the sale, they’ll get the sale from their opt-in email from Gmail.

Social or government interests could benefit here too as should a user go looking for a service provided by such and not realize there’s an email in their inbox already offering the data and resources of that service.

One can only imagine what it will do for travel and vacations. The money spent in promotion by these companies is vast and sometimes an email inviting a user to those sunny beaches or sprawling countryside resorts can get lost in the email jungle. With this new feature a surfer could be looking for that Hawaiian vacation and suddenly find that there’s already an offer from a company they like and get more relevant data.

Questions of security might arise with such a service and it might cause some to shy away from the beta stage but that’s alright as there will definitely be the brave ones out there that will try it out to be the first on their blocks to have it.

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